пятница, 25 мая 2012 г.

And again - KNOWLEDGE!

Well, we coped with the next task in the game. ... ! . When starting out do not even think that ' drown ' in the material! . Well, now beginning to declassify many of the materials!.

Discussed with the boys job, assigned roles: who - on the streets of the city, who - on the. to. Feoktistov. Who - on the brake propulsion. Like all, work, pick up the material. But that's what we thought.

First published in the newspaper ' Zlatoust worker ' Digest book ' Cosmic orbit Chrysostom ' ( published in print in late April ), then the article - about the engraving, and work on the program. ' Buran '. We decided to go to the City Museum to open exhibition dedicated to Chrysostom, and got to meet with designers Zlatoust Machine Building Plant, who worked on all space programs. Then there was a meeting with an honorary citizen of a local historian. In. Kozlov. And then there is a museum on the ' Zlatoust Machine Works ' Institute ' Uralpromproekt ' assortment Cabinet (museum prints ) ON ' Bolat ' where we just did not come down!.

The film did not include a lot of material: there are restrictions, no more than 10 slides. But what with all the other stuff? . I think it will soon get acquainted with him, and now - our creativity:.

Space City on PhotoPeach.

And thanks to the organizers for Cognition. We have learned a little bit again, and new services, and work together. And yet - have learned so many interesting.

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