среда, 6 июня 2012 г.

Putin is on a Harley

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin ride with bikers in Novorossiysk on the day when his tandem partner, President Dmitry Medvedev launched the parliamentary election campaign, appointing the State Duma elections on December 4.
Putin called bikers ' brothers ' and praised them for their patriotism.
Political analyst Alexei Vorobiev does not believe such a public appearance of the Prime Minister pre-election PR.

' PR for serious politicians - it is quite another for them it is a real program, a real conversation with the political forces that open and honest ' - expert said in an interview with BBC BBC.

' This is a game in the pre- PR, is a game ' - says Vorobyev.
indivisible Russia.

' I want to ask you, brothers! .

Motorcycle show, with participants who met Putin, dated the day of liberation from German occupation of Novorossiysk.

' Historical Memory - a great cement which of the people of different nations, different ethnicities and different religions makes one single and indivisible Russian nation, creates and reinforces a common and indivisible great Russia ' - Putin said, welcoming the bikers.

He then rode the three-wheeled Harley Davidson motorcycle at the head of the column.

On Monday, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev put his signature on the decree on the appointment of State Duma elections on December 4. Neither Putin nor Medvedev has not officially stated whether going to participate in presidential elections in March 2012. Both have repeatedly said that would be able to agree among themselves who to go to the polls.
Putin is not the first time met with bikers. In 2010, Russian Prime Minister came to the three-wheeled ' Harley ' on the bike show Ukraine - Sevastopol. A year earlier, Putin visited the headquarters of the Russian motor club ... Dressed all in black Putin praised their own ' Harley ' motorcycle called the ...

In an interview with the British Model Naomi Campbell for the site of glossy men's magazine GQ, Putin called bikers ' tough guys ', and told myself that every day Click the gym and swim in the pool.
' Flirting with youth '.

Putin during his presidency and the prime minister made ​​the ' machismo ' one of the key elements of the image. He was flying a jet fighter plunged into the water on a submarine, participated in the rally in person sleepy and ring-bark of large animals, photographed on a fishing trip in Siberia with a naked torso.